Letting Go


Another clearing out.


There seems to be quite a lot of interest in belongings. How many you have, how many you don’t have. There are entire shows dedicated to people who hoard everything from used toilet paper to beautiful artwork. And there are those who delight in whittling all their earthly goods  down to one hundred things.

I think that I fall somewhere in the middle; possibly leaning toward the toilet paper-saving hoarder. Well, not quite that bad. I’m more of the “Don’t throw that away because I might need it some day and then I will just have to buy it again.”  As opposed to the “I can’t throw away my dog’s hair because I’m throwing away part of him.”

Preparing for this radical lifestyle change has been a real challenge for me. I had a library’s worth of books and a studio’s worth of art supplies that I just didn’t want to part with. Telling myself that if I haven’t used it by now I probably never will just wasn’t cutting it. But my 17 year old daughter Chloe has had no trouble at all. She has pared her belongings down to one tote and still finds more to dispose of. You should see the looks she gives me when I refuse to let go of an old Mother Goose book. “But you could have it for your children someday,” I tell her.

I am slowly and with much resistance learning from Chloe to live for today and to live light. Because we don’t own the things, they own us.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I’m having trouble getting rid of stuff too. I went through a drawer I have of just candles. The only time I ever burn candles is when the power goes out. Sure I am parting ways with half the drawer, but I still have more then I need in there. It’s ridiculous.

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