The First Week

The Adventure begins.

The Adventure begins.

So here we are, all but Jim that is, he’s behind the camera. That’s the benefit of being an awesome photographer, you never have to be in the photos.

This was taken nine days ago when we picked up the Zinger and drove off to start a new life. Driving to LLano, Texas was the first time Jim had ever pulled anything so large as this and although we were all a bit tense, I must say he did a great job.

The first week of living in an RV park was a little stressful to say the least. But you would never know it by watching Jim. For at least the first four days he never quit smiling, I even caught him grinning in his sleep. I on the other hand was not as quick to embrace this new lifestyle, even though I was the one who pushed for it to begin with.

First, there was the struggle of trying to find a place for everything ( I plan to post a video tour of the inside of the camper soon). We actually made another trip to Goodwill to rid ourselves of excess weight. And I know that I am going to have to let go of a few more books. : (

Second, there was the miniature stove, and gas to boot. I know many of you cook with gas, but you probably also have a kitchen bigger than my whole ‘house’. And cooking for six people on three tiny burners, none of which line up properly with the pan, is a very awkward task. I’ve yet to use the oven.

Third, the internet went out for two days. I know what you’re thinking, “what a cry baby”. But a teenage daughter who cannot text her friends does not make for a Happy Camper.

I could go on about how hot it is or how dull it is, but lets get positive.

The RV park is lovely. It’s clean, quiet and has a great clubhouse, with private showers and an adult size stove which I have used several times now.  There is a river running through the park and there are swings and playground equipment for the children.

I must say that even with my genius for pessimism this might turn out alright after all. : )

2 thoughts on “The First Week

  1. believe it or now, I have live that life before. I was 13 and was with my grandparents for an entire summer doing that… living in a camper. I was a great experience… one that taught me many thing. I wish you all the best of luck!


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