Whatever Strikes Your Fancy


If you look really hard and maybe bring out a magnifying glass (or click on the photo to enlarge it) you will see Ivy there on the bank of the LLano river with a fishing pole in her hand. Not such an unusual sight you say. And you’re right. But this image is the epitome of what I imagined almost a year ago when we decided that we were going to take to the road.

You can’t see it but Chloe,Willow, Oliver and I are sitting under the shade of large oak tree with our school books spread out before us. Ivy had been in the process of identifying the subject and verb in her Grammar lesson when she decided that she wanted to go fishing. After considering that we had no place to go and all the time in the world I said, “Why not? Go right ahead.”

Homeschooling is fantastic but roadschooling is absolutely amazing. Without the pressures of having games and classes and meetings to drive to day in and day out you are enabled to slow down and chill out.  I’m most definitely not to the place I want to be, but my hope is to make our time of learning enjoyable again. A little freer. And my ultimate hope is that it might be a bit simpler as well. I would love to see my children enjoy learning instead of bemoaning it.

I think that taking a break for a little fishing or whatever strikes your fancy at the moment is a good place to start.

1 thought on “Whatever Strikes Your Fancy

  1. I have to agree – road schooling is amazing! You are an amazing teacher for seeing the opportunities and taking them, and for not getting so caught up in curriculum that your kids miss out on what is really important. Hazzah!


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