The Enchanted Rock

IMG_2948Enchanted Rock is just that, enchanted; or at least that’s what it felt like the first time I climbed it. It’s beautiful, isn’t it. Well, don’t let it fool you. Just like the Sirens who used their bewitching songs to lead sailors to their watery graves, Enchanted Rock leads you to complete exhaustion and leg cramps with its false summits. No kidding, each time I believed I had reached the top there above me was more rock.

IMG_2955But it was worth the pain and the humiliation of watching the children run past me as I rested for the third time on my way up. The view from the top is well-expressed by my daughter Willow in the above photo. The Hill Country is laid out before you like an enormous topographical map.

IMG_2957Another breathtaking view.

IMG_2959Would you look at the size of those rocks! It’s like a movie set for the Flintstones. I think Fred could carve a few windows in there and make a nice home for Wilma and himself.

IMG_3375There’s a certain peace there that inspires you to just sit and be. Chloe and Willow were both overcome with that inspiration.

IMG_3345Oliver is being drawn by the Sirens’ song as he races toward the Rock.

IMG_3355Thanks to the unusual amount of rain we have had over the last couple of weeks there were little streams throughout the park. Ivy and Willow had to stop and put there hands in every chance they got.


And my favorite view of Enchanted Rock. It’s no wonder that this is the most visited State Park in Texas.

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