You Might Live In A Camper If…

RV stuffed


RV stuffed 2

I thought that I would try my hand at a Redneck-Esque joke.

You might live in a camper if your canned goods are stored under your couch. Or … You might live in a camper if when your daughter asks you where the washcloths are you respond with “Behind the potatoes and onions of course.” 

They might not be very funny, but they are very true. One of the great challenges of six people living in a 35ft travel trailer is SPACE. Where do you put everything? And I’m not talking about frivolities. No, I’m talking about food and toilet paper and soap and sheets and pots and pans and paper and pencils and… well, you get the idea. So what do you do with all of these needed items? You start looking at every nook and cranny as a possible place of storage. Now there aren’t too many spots left in the ol’ Zinger, but I did notice that under the couch there was a bit of territory that had not yet been conquered. So I set about finding a container that would fit in that meager spot.

After searching the Dollar Store to no avail, Jim and I headed to the Lowes, not the home improvement store, but the highly over-priced grocery store, which has the privilege of being the only one in LLano. Here we found FREE cardboard boxes that were just the right size for storing canned goods and extra Windex and whatever else will fit under the couch. It’s not pretty, but it sure is practical; and that’s what matters most (in a camper at least ; ).


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