Immersion Traveling

When we travel, our goal is to stay in each place for at least a month. Not only do you get a better rate at the RV park, but you have a chance to really experience the culture of the community you are residing in.

My husband calls this Immersion Traveling. We spent two months in Llano, TX and in that time I immersed myself and my children in the community, or at least part of it.  Mainly the public library.

While we were there the Summer Reading Program was going on; I knew that I wanted my children to be a part of it and the library also needed volunteers. So ‘Voila’ here is my chance to not only involve myself in the life of Llano but my children as well.

Now of course there won’t always be opportunities for immersion, but if you’re looking for it something might present itself.

Thanks to our purposeful joining in we got to know the people and culture of Llano and if we happen to pass that way again it won’t be as strangers.

20140619_131417As part of the program the children were able to so a science experiment.

20140620_190540To help raise money for the Friends of the Library I volunteered to sell concessions in the Llano movie theater.

20140615_112426We also enrolled the children in two VBS programs.

1 thought on “Immersion Traveling

  1. We live full time in a fifth wheel as well. My work requires I spend three months in each location, which is nice for saving wear and tear on the truck and camper, but it seems about 2-4 weeks too long. I think the ideal for us would be 8 weeks. Enough time to immerse, but not too long to get stale.


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