It’s Not All Fun And Games

My husband was recently asked by a friend of ours if we are on a permanent vacation. It might seem that way when all you hear about are the fun places we are able to visit. But that is maybe 10% of our time the other 90% is spent doing all of the mundane chores of life in a space that is smaller than that of most people’s garages.

As you might imagine with six people living in such a small space there is always someone in the bathroom, or someone in your way and there are never enough places to sit.

Am I whining? Yes, I am! And I am going to continue so if you don’t want to read anymore stop now.

Then there’s the lack of cabinet and refrigerator space. I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I open the refrigerator door something falls out and onto the floor; usually something wet and sticky. And the cabinets, forget about it, they are like a clown’s spring loaded creampie waiting to fly in your face when you open the door and then laugh at you as you clean up the mess again.

the long long trailer


Now I’m not trying to scare anyone off from this life because the benefits do outway the difficulties, but sometimes I just need to moan and have a bit of a pity party.

Thanks for listening.

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