Ancient Dwellings part 2 Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde Cliff Palace

This is the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park.It is only one of 600 dwellings in the park. Quite marvelous, isn’t it. You can’t quite grasp the size of it in this photo, but if it had been built for only one family to dwell in, it would be a palace. It’s not easily reached as it sits above a canyon. I think the people who dwelt here must not have heard of acrophobia.Maybe they had an immunity to it. I, on the other hand, do not possess such an immunity and therefore gazed at this lovely bit of architecture from afar as my family scaled the canyon walls with a tour group. (Not exactly scaled but they did have to climb ladders)

climbing to cliff palace


Look at this one. I don’t even know what to think of it. Who looked at this spot and said, “Perfect place to build a home.”


At a dwelling called the Spruce Tree house there was a tiny hole that led to an underground kiva.

underground Kiva

Here are Oliver and Willow in the kiva. As excited as they were about climbing down into the kiva all they could talk about when they came back up was the smell left behind by the hippies we kept running into.

As a matter of fact the hippies elicited more questions from the children than the ruins did. “Do they know they smell like that?” “Do they want to smell like that?” “Why don’t they take a bath?”

spruce tree dwelling

No one knows why the people who worked so hard to build these homes left them. Maybe enemies drove them away. Maybe a drought made it impossible to grow food. Or maybe someone discovered acrophobia. ; )

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