Aztec Highland Games and Celtic Festival

Aztec celtic festival

After almost two months of Indian Ruins and rock formations, an event finally arose that I could  get really excited about… The Aztec Highland Games and Celtic Festival.

There’s nothing that makes you feel more like you’re part of something grand as the distant sound of bagpipes. And that was the very thing we were greeted with as we passed through the entrance of the Celtic festival.


It was a beautiful, clear October day, with blue skies and bright golden leaved trees that shown as though they had been set ablaze. You truly could not have asked for more. There were stages where bands played Celtic music and girls in Scottish costume danced traditional Highland dances.The bagpipes were always heard in the distance as well as the Scottish brogue of the games announcer. And kilts everywhere!

caber toss


We spoke to people that could trace their Scottish ancestors back almost 800 years, listening to their gory tales of war and the children and I sat in on a couple of Irish cooking classes with the Celtic Caterer.

It was the kind of day that embeds itself in the deepest part of your memory, always there to be called up and relived.

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