The Remodel

One thing I have really wanted to do since moving into the camper was to remodel it. To take it from looking like a cheap hotel room on wheels to looking more like a real home.

Years ago I was banned from ever lifting a brush or roller with the purpose of applying paint to a wall again. Thankfully my eldest daughter Chloe is the Leonardo of house painting. She has been gifted with the ability to not misplace a drop of color.

Since painting was off limits to me, my job was to make the curtains that would replace the blinds sheltering every microgram of dust in the camper. Now I have no skills with needle and thread, I once tried to make a dress and ended up with a sack, so I opted for fusible tape. Not as easy as it may sound. It ended up being an all day ordeal and the curtains aren’t all exactly the same length, but if you look at only one window at a time you’ll never notice.

We have only done the living room/kitchen area right now, the rest will come later.

Here are the before and after pictures.

20141001_10294025perLiving room Before


Kitchen Before

20141001_151610per50Tape and primer.


My orange kitchen.


My blue living room and green curtains.



New pillows.

Hope you like it! I’ll post more when we’ve painted the rest.

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