Tinkertown Museum

tinkertown sign

On our way home from The Balloon Fiesta we took the advice of our new friends and headed up to the Sandia Crest; on a good day you can look down and see the city of Albuquerque, unfortunately it wasn’t a “good day”. But on our way back down we spotted the Tinkertown Museum and it was more fascinating than any mountain view (at least for me).

There are some people who accomplish more in one life-time than others could in three and Ross Ward was one of those people. A show painter, collector, and wood carver he spent forty years creating and collecting the amazing items in the Tinkertown Museum.

Walking down the hallways you are mesmerized by the incredible miniature worlds existing behind glass, unaware that they are on display for thousands of onlookers.


(Drop a quarter in the slot and these guys will serenade you.)

While ‘you’ were watching television, as one sign says, Ross was creating entire worlds. It makes you wonder what we all might be able to do with equal diligence and focus.

Tinkertown Museum


The General Store.



Tinkertown Museum


Tinkertown Museum

I really like the Circus exhibit, but the next one was definitely my favorite.

Tinkertown Museum

Tinkertown Museum

Tinkertown Museum

These are but a few of the amazing exhibits in the museum. There is also the sailboat that Ross’s wife’s brother sailed around the world in. There are walls created from over 50 thousand bottles, Otto the one-man-band and Esmerelda, the Fortune Teller.

Below is a video created by my husband. Check out his blog at thefoxworthytravelingshow.wordpress.com.


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