Is The Camper Getting Smaller?


Or am I just getting bigger? I’m afraid it’s the latter. I feel like Alice after eating the cakes, growing and growing until she is stuck in Rabbit’s house. Of course I can’t blame it all on cake; I think being thirty-six weeks pregnant has a little more to do with it. Yes, just four weeks to go and we will have a new little traveler.

It hasn’t been exactly easy being pregnant in a shared thirty-five feet. The already small shower feels like a shoebox and my ‘camper queen’ bed (which relates to a full-size in the real world) has the feeling of a toddler bed with a super cheap mattress. But I’m not complaining (or am I) it will be worth all of the adversity when little Lucy finally makes her appearance. I’m just not sure where we’re going to put her. ; )

In all honesty I can’t say that I won’t miss being pregnant. I love the feeling of her moving inside of me and of course it’s the perfect excuse for getting out of things like cooking, cleaning, and tying my own shoes. Just kidding…about the shoes.

So please, wish us luck as we adjust to this new little person and all of the happy chaos she promises to bring.

3 thoughts on “Is The Camper Getting Smaller?

  1. Congratulations! Even though it has been over eight years since I have been a new mom again I can still remember being pregnant and even though I am happy with my family the way it is, I think there will always be a small part of me that will always miss being pregnant and having a baby around 😉
    I know it has been a few weeks since you posted this, but I was curious if little Lucy has arrived yet?


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