Hello Lucy, Goodbye New Mexico

Two weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day, I was lying in a hospital bed surrounded by my husband, a nurse, and a midwife being encouraged to breath through the pain and push. After about fifteen minutes of this Lucy Valentina left my womb and entered the world! She then proceeded to turn that world upside down.
If you happen to be keeping count that now puts us at seven people living in a 35′ trailer. Chaotic? Yes. But joyful!


And here she is. The only one of us to be born outside of Indiana.

We spent six months in New Mexico waiting for Lucy to come and once she did we were all itching to move on. Our plan was to leave at the end of March, but when snow was predicted and I just happened to mention that maybe we should spend the rest of the winter in southern Arizona, Jim ran with the idea and in one day we were packed and ready to go. A good thing to because the day after we left the park looked like this.

Desert Rose in the snow

It looks like a lovely postcard doesn’t it? But when you’re trapped in a camper with five children it looks more like a prison yard. So we are now in Huachuca, AZ enjoying daytime temperatures of 60+ degrees and the children are free to leave the jail cell and run off some of that pent-up energy. And I am regaining a bit of my sanity.




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