Old Tucson Studios

When I first looked into visiting Old Tucson I assumed it was a historic site containing the original buildings of present-day Tucson, but I was wrong. It’s actually a movie studio  originally built in 1939 by Columbia Pictures for the movie Arizona. Since that time, over 300 movies and commercials have been filmed there.

Old Tucson

Not being a fan of Westerns I have only seen one movie filmed in Old Tucson, The Three Amigos. This adobe facade is from that movie.


Old Tucson Hotel

We visited on Easter Sunday and attended a church service here in the Grand Palace Hotel and Saloon.

The Reno

The Reno was built in 1872 and was purchased by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer in 1945. Old Tucson Studios purchased it in 1970 and since then The Reno has appeared in more than 100 films.

Medicine man show

There are several live shows in Old Tucson, but this was the only one I was able to watch (Lucy and I were having a little trouble with the heat that day).  A medicine man comedy. It was very funny. The guy on the left is in a documentary series called Legends and Lies.

The Loop Rawlins’ One Man Wild West Show is an amazing display of cowboy skills, or at least that’s what my family told me. (I think I was in the hot van nursing Lucy at that time, she’s worth it though)

Old Tucson

I just added this one because it’s pretty.

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