The Occidental Hotel

The historic Occidental  (pronounced like an overly posh ‘accidental’) Hotel in downtown Buffalo, Wyoming is (to my surprise) one of several hotels with the same name. There is even an Occidental, California. I was perplexed by the name so I looked it up in the dictionary. It means western or having to do with the western hemisphere. But you probably knew that already. 🙂

The hotel is over 130 years old and has played host to people like Butch Cassidy, Teddy Roosevelt, and Calamity Jane. Much of the architecture and some of the decor are original.

Very Victorian.

The Occidental

On Thursday nights The Occidental Saloon is full-to-overflowing with Bluegrass music fans. If you would like a seat while enjoying the jam you had better arrive at least two hours early.

I’m not a Bluegrass fan, but it’s a fun place to go with the family and the musicians are very talented.

The Occidental Hotel

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