Big Horn Polo Club

Polo is a two thousand year old sport, believed to have been started in China or Persia and was played for the purpose of training cavalry. The British took up the sport when they saw it being played in India and brought it to the West. And the game has been played in the Sheridan, WY area for over 120 years.

“Big Horn is known across the country as THE place to find promising young horses, thanks to the number of breeders and trainers who make Big Horn their home. Along with Flying H Polo Club next door, which hosts some of the top-rated players in the world, this part of Wyoming has become a polo destination for many in the game.”

Big Horn Mercantile

The town of Big Horn had a population of only 500 in 2010, with one mercantile and a restaurant or two it’s a mere speck on the map, but in 1984 this minuscule village played host to the Queen of England when she came to visit relatives and buy polo ponies during a North American tour!


Sam Mavrakis rings up a sale to Queen Elizabeth II at the Ritz Sporting Goods in Sheridan, 1984. Sheridan County Museum.

While we were in Wyoming (not to buy polo ponies or visit any noble relatives) we had the opportunity to watch our first polo match. I was tremendously excited; especially after finding out the Queen Elizabeth connection, interestingly enough told to me by a Walmart cashier as though I should have known this fact already.

I really have no interest in sports but this was different. The surroundings were beautiful, the horses were magnificent, and the players wore nice uniforms and didn’t tackle, fight, or curse; or at least you couldn’t hear them if they did.


Children at polo match

Oliver, Lucy, and Willow. The temperature was nice, but the sun was brutal.

Big Horn Polo Match

Big Horn Polo Match

Big Horn Polo Match

If you ever make it to this part of Wyoming be sure to spend a Sunday afternoon in Big Horn watching a polo match.


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