About the Author


M.A. Foxworthy

Growing up in a small town in Indiana I had always desired to travel. Thankfully I married a man that shared that same desire. After years spent dreaming of how and where to go we finally bit the bullet and left everything and everyone we knew and moved to Texas. But as exciting as that was it didn’t fulfill our dreams of seeing the country. So after four years, and the marriage of our eldest child, we did something totally unforeseen: we bought a travel trailer, sold the majority of our belongings, packed up ourselves and our four children (minus our eldest) and hit the road. And we have been sharing the adventure of a lifetime!

While in Texas I decided to try my hand at writing. I had never written more than a letter before in my life; contenting myself with drawing and painting. But my main character, Kelsey, came to me in what I can only call a vision and I had to tell her tale. So The Village Green was born.  And it is only the beginning of another adventure.


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