The Village Green

Here is the first page of my book, The Village Green, a Middle Grade, Dystopian, novel. I hope you enjoy it. The proposed release date is October 7.


Kelsey stood in a long line of ragged people. She had risen at daybreak in hopes of receiving her rations before the sun reached its zenith and the suffocating heat of midday arrived. But her hopes were unfulfilled as she had been waiting for hours with the blazing sun beating down on the top of her head.

Resigned now to the long wait that still lay ahead of her she plopped down on her wagon and surveyed her surroundings. All around her stood the remains of small cob dwellings with thick walls which had at one time been painted white. They were now crumbling like a child’s mud pie left baking in the sun too long. The metal roofs that had kept out the rain were gone having been recycled in some other village. There was a school and a child care center, but they were both empty now. Most of the residents had died when the dreaded disease flew into their village carried by the tiny wings of mosquitos. The children and the old had succumbed first and the few adults that remained were moved to other villages while this one was left to Mother Nature and the Hand-Out where Kelsey now waited for her weekly allowance of food.

She turned her attention away from the decaying remains of the village to the people standing around her. They were different: men, women, and children, some young and some old. And yet there was a sameness about them, a tired and hungry look in their hollow eyes. All were dressed in the same shade of dingy beige with their hair and nails looking as though it had been weeks since they had been cleaned. And that was probably true. In good times the people were only allowed two bathes a week, but in a time of drought, as it was now, they were lucky to get one. Kelsey didn’t like to think of it, but she knew she too looked as grungy as these squalid villagers.



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