Back in Bisbee


On a recent Sunday afternoon Jim and I decided to have a little alone time. Well, almost alone, Lucy and I are pretty much inseparable right now. So we headed back to Bisbee after a brief sojourn in Tombstone… again. Jim loves Tombstone; I almost think that he would stop all our travels today if I would agree to settle down there.

But, back to Bisbee. Old town Bisbee isn’t a large town, but without super-charged children who just want to keep moving, you have a chance to leisurely experience it.

Like this lovely little shop.

Free Store

Yes, the Brewery Gulch Free Store. Everything you need in one convenient stop. A poster of Lady Gaga, a 1990’s monitor, some ribbon, a bottle of mouthwash… there’s really too much to list here. All kidding aside could you explain to me the mindset of someone who leaves a nearly empty bottle of mouthwash? Seriously, I can not imagine my mouth ever tasting so bad that I would dare raise that bottle to my lips. But, at least it’s free.

Bisbee, AZ graffiti wall


I’m not usually a fan of graffiti. I generally can’t see it as anything but vandalism. But there is something about this wall that I like; it just fits some how.


Moondragon truck

Moondragon Truck

After asking the local glass blower we found out that the owner of this ‘truck’ is a Mr. Moondragon. Being someone who lives full-time in a caravan, I totally dig this truck. I wouldn’t want to live in it, but I dig it. : )

Inn at Castle Rock

This is the lounge at the Inn at Castle Rock. After a day of exploring Bisbee, I would love to curl up in one of these chairs and read for hours. And, from perusing a few entries in the Ghost Encounter journal, written by the hotel guests, I might even have company.

When we say goodbye to Arizona, I’ll miss Bisbee the most.