Colonial Williamsburg, VA

My daughter Ivy recently asked me what my dream job would be. I of course answered, a British actress (think Judi Dench), or a famous author (still working on that one), but a close third would be a Colonial Williamsburg (C.W.) actor-interpreter.

actors I did not know what to expect from Williamsburg. So when I went downtown in search of a bookstore I was in awe! The period buildings, the college where Thomas Jefferson attended, and of course Colonial Williamsburg.


While we were there we were able to spend time with Jim’s brother and sister-in-law. Here are the children with their cousin Noah.


Jim and the children watched a play which strove to portray what life might have been like for slaves at this time. Apparently it was very good. I wouldn’t know because I had to leave with a screaming baby (Lucy).20160322_152247

Later they found me sitting on a very uncomfortable tree root after she had finally fallen asleep. 20160322_155251

What else can I say? If you love history and beautiful surroundings you should visit Williamsburg.




Jamestowne, VA


After being in the West for most of our travels I yearned to head east to see where it all began.

Jamestowne, VA was our first stop. The first permanent English colony, it was home to such famous names as Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and John Rolfe. Just walking among the ruins and the archaeological digs sent tingles up my spine. (yes, that’s a bit nerdy, I know)

Did you know the inhabitants went through a time of famine and there was an alleged case of cannibalism? Neither did I. The history is absolutely fascinating.



Do you know where Pocahontas is buried? No, not in Jamestowne. She is buried in England.

Outside of the island there is a magnificent museum, a period village, and replicas of the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.


20160305_150028-large This is a place I hope to return to again. There’s really too much to absorb in just two visits.