The Time Has Come



Well, it’s almost come. Four days to go and I feel completely frantic. I’ve been sorting and packing and sorting and packing and I still seem to be getting nowhere. It’s a little like preparing for a baby. You know it’s coming but not for nine months so you wait and wait and do nothing. Then you feel those labor pains and it’s like an episode of I Love Lucy.

Ricky is fighting with Fred over who will get the cab, Ethel can’t get through to the doctor and they all leave the house without Lucy. That’s how I feel, like every time I think I’m getting somewhere I run into Fred’s pot belly and fall back on the couch again.

But just like having a baby, he’s coming whether you’re ready or not. So I’ll do my best to prepare and follow my To Do List and just hope I don’t run out the door leaving the mother behind.