The Final Yard Sale




Nine days left before we move into our home on wheels and we are still trying to rid ourselves of unneeded items. If you knew how many yard sales and trips to GoodWill I ‘ve made over the last four years you would wonder that I could possibly have anything left. I wonder that myself. But there it was: crock pots, lawn chairs, clothes, tools, furniture, books, and more all stacked on tables, stuffed in boxes, and hanging from the garage door. Two days of yard sales and we still gave the majority of it away.

When I think of the money that has been lost in the almost unconscious buying of things I have to say my conscience is pricked. But few things makes me feel quite so foolish as the Wii.

Two years ago at Christmas Jim (my husband) and I bought our children a Wii. Now, there’s nothing wrong with buying things for your children, unless what you’re buying goes against your conscience and you’re just buying it because it’s Christmas and you feel like you have to get them something big.  And that is exactly what we did.

We have always steered our children away from video games and too much electronic stimulation. We didn’t even have a television for several years while our two eldest children were young. But as anyone with more than two  children can tell you, you start to slack off a bit with the third and fourth and so on. You might think that I am making an awfully big deal out of a Wii, but it’s not just that particular gift. We’ve bought our children so many things that they didn’t need and sometimes didn’t even want all because we felt the pressure to provide a fun Christmas or birthday.

I wonder, would they have enjoyed those times of celebration more had we instead spent that time playing games or doing some project together? I think so.

I’m not so stoic as to say there should be no gift-giving ever, but I want to be wiser in making those choices and not allow outside influences to guilt me into spending money on my children instead of spending time with my children.

And when I sold the Wii today I only made a measly $25. Is that ironic or what?