I Love A Parade

Where but a small town parade can you see the first fire truck used by Ben Franklin and the Union Fire Company. (Maybe it’s not quite that old 🙂 ) IMG_3901Or strange, horned beasts tamed and ridden by friendly Cow-folk.

IMG_3922Where else can you stand within feet of royalty and they wave to you as though you actually matter.

IMG_3907Where but a small town parade will you find the subtle art of taxidermy mixed with the flamboyance of silver petal paper.

IMG_3910For what other reason than a parade are people willing to sit on the side of the road, in the heat of a Texas summer?

IMG_3937But truly there is nothing like a small town parade; where people are honored for being good citizens, downtown is celebrated with local businesses being showcased and everyone, even if for just a short span of time, is a patriot and not ashamed of it.



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